The Heart of Illinois

Were you aware that nearly 655,000 people die from heart disease every year in America? Or that in Illinois alone, there were over 25,000 deaths due to heart disease which accounts for almost 29% of all deaths in our state? These overwhelming statistics are brought to you by the fact that heart disease is the leading cause of death for people in the United States.

Before the mid-1920s, people with heart disease were thought to be destined for death. That all changed when a group of dedicated physicians and social workers set out to create an organization that would conduct the necessary research on this killer disease in order to provide better care, prevention, and, one day, a cure. In Chicago specifically, your life expectancy with a disease like this can vary by over 15 years depending on the area you live in and the lifestyle you lead. That’s why the American Heart Association of Chicago, Illinois is dedicated to raising awareness on heart disease so that EVERYONE in our community can form healthy habits and have a better shot at life.

At Richter Insurance, we want to do everything we can in order to combat America’s number one cause of death, especially for those in our local community. That’s why we are committing to donate $10 on your behalf to the American Heart Association of Chicago, Illinois when you recommend a friend or family member to us for a no-obligation quote! And we’re extending this donation for EVERY person you recommend. So, how many names can you recommend?


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